dnrWelcome to IMTrails’ Delaware and Raritan Canal site! Please keep in mind that the Mappler site is more complete, but follows only the state park, not the actual trail.

An interactive map comes in handy for many reasons. First, it gives the modern trail blazers a visual idea of where the trail is in relation to other man made and natural features. Secondly, users can upload pictures, video, and comments regarding user defined points on the trail. For an example, if one area might be a good place to picnic, other users can see where that location is on the map. After a visit, they can then return to the site to comment on their own experience and make suggestions for others. It makes communication about trails a location AND attribute oriented- a bonus of interactive mapping.

Project Goal

Mapping recreational trails, public access points and trail resources by using Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and other publicly available mapping resources.