“The Access Fund’s Climbing Conservation Grant Program funds projects that preserve or enhance climbing access and opportunities and conserve the climbing environment throughout the US. Since inception in 1991, Access Fund has funded over $1 million to local organizations, climbers, and public agencies (see our Grant History).

Because we’re a member supported non-profit organization, we fund projects that demonstrate local climber support, collaboration with land managers, and a commitment to long-term change. If you are interested in applying for a grant, your group’s efforts should be quantifiable, with specific objectives, a detailed budget, and measures for evaluating success. Most grant requests range from $1,000 to $4,000. The Access Fund considers requests for over $10,000, but these projects should have national significance and utilize a high degree of matching funds.” (accessfund.org)

  • Closing Date– August 1st
  • Award Ceiling– $10,000 with national significance, otherwise range from $1,000- $4,000
  • Eligibility– climbing organizations, government agencies, conservation organizations, land trusts, and individuals
  • Supported Funds Used to Reflect this Type of Work (accessfund.org)
    • action-oriented
    • builds local climber involvement and support
    • is strategic in its targeting and goals
    • accomplishes specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured
    • takes place in the United States
    • encourages access or enhance opportunities for climbing
    • develops knowledge about natural and cultural resource values where the information is used to open climbing areas or mitigate climbing impacts
    • reduces climber impacts on natural and cultural resources within the climbing environment
    • raises awareness about climber responsibility toward conserving the climbing environment
    • is supported by the climbing community
    • utilizes matching agency or local funds (ideally this will be at least 50%)
    • incorporates a degree of volunteer labor and/or pro bono services
  • More Information– accessfund.org

all information for this post and grant from accessfund.org