“The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is a matching reimbursement grant program for the building and rehabilitation of trails and trail related facilities. DCR partners with the Federal Highway Administration to run the program. Funding may be awarded to city, county, town or other government entities or registered nonprofit groups partnering with a governmental body. The Recreational Trails Program and Virginia Recreational Trails Program Advisory Committee steer project selections after a competitive call for applications.” (dcr.virginia.gov)

  • Closing Date– 4 p.m. on July 21, 2016
  • Eligibility– Municipalities (cities, towns, counties, etc.), State agencies (State Parks, Forestry, Game & Inland Fisheries, etc.), Federal government agencies (Federal sponsors need to be aware that the combined total of RTP funds and matching funds cannot exceed 95% federal funds on any given project.), Other government entities (regional park authorities, etc.), and Non-profit organizations when partnered with a governmental body. (dcr.virginia.gov)
  • Eligible Funding Projects– Trail rehabilitation, Trail construction, and Provision of features that facilitate the access and use of trails by persons with disabilities Development of motorized trails except as noted under “uses not permitted”, see announcement.
  • Application Submission
    • Virginia Recreational Trails Program
      Department of Conservation and Recreation
      600 East Main Street, 24th Floor
      Richmond, Virginia 23219
  • More Information– dcr.virginia.gov

all information for this post and grant from dcr.virginia.gov