“Our Local Government Park, Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Education (LPOR) Grants—and Mini Grants up to $45,000 for smaller projects costing $60,000 or less—are designed for the following types of projects:

– New park development: Creating a park where one does not exist.

– Enhancing existing park facilities: Improving current park facilities, including installing or creating new facilities at existing parks

– Park land acquisition: Acquiring land for a future park.

– Environmental education facilities: Building new facilities or enhancing existing ones. (Please note: GOCO does not fund programming or non-fixed assets for these facilities).” (goco.org)

  • Closing Date– November 17, 2016
  • Eligibility– Cities, counties, and parks and recreation districts
  • Contact– Local Government Program Manager Jake Houston at jhouston@goco.org or 303-226-4517
  • More Information– (www.goco.org)


all information for this post and grant from www.goco.org