“The Recreational Trails Program provides funds to rehabilitate and maintain recreational trails and facilities that provide a backcountry experience for motorized and nonmortorized uses.

Every 6 years, Congress passes the nation’s surface transportation bill. Since 1991, this massive funding authorization law has included provisions for cooperative, state-administered grants called the Recreational Trails Program.

In Washington State, these grants support a backcountry experience, which means that the trail’s physical setting, not its distance from a city or road, should be predominately natural. For example, a backcountry trail can provide views of cities or towns. Backcountry also means that the user will experience nature as opposed to seeing or hearing evidence of human development and activity.

This grant program provides for trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized trail uses. Under limited circumstances, new “linking” trails, relocations, and education proposals are also eligible.” (rco.wa.gov)

  • Closing Date– November 1, 2016
  • Eligibility
    • Local agencies
    • Special purpose districts, such as park and recreation districts, public utility districts, and port districts. These districts must be authorized legally to develop, operate, and maintain recreational facilities.
    • Native American tribes
    • State agencies
    • Federal agencies
    • Trail-related, non-profit organizations
  • Project Examples
    • Development projects
    • Maintenance projects
    • Education projects
  • Grant Cap– $150,000 for general projects and $20,000 for education projects
  • More Information– rco.wa.gov

all information from rco.wa.gov