“Founded in 2000, the Outdoor Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and growing future generations of outdoor leaders and enthusiasts. Through its community grant-making programs, the Foundation partners with brands and businesses to support the most effective programs that inspire and activate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. The Foundation also works with local outdoor retailers – ensuring community support and project sustainability.

In just five years, the Foundation has invested $4 million into 785 not-for-profit and college programs that have connected 200,000 young people to the outdoors.

Since the Outdoor Foundation recognizes that sometimes the smallest award can make the greatest difference, The Outdoor Foundation Community Investment Fund will award grants up to $1,000 to projects that directly result in young people engaging in outdoor recreation.” (cybergrants.com)

  • Closing Date– Rolling Basis
  • Award Ceiling– $1,000 per project
  • Project Requirements– (cybergrants.com)
    • Projects must be managed by a 501c-3 not-for-profit organization (funds will be awarded to these charities).
    • Projects must increase participation in outdoor recreation among young people.
    • Projects should have clear goals and measurable objectives.
    • Project outcomes must include high-resolution photos highlighting project impact.
    • Projects should have a recommending local outdoor retailer/brand involved in the program.
  • More Information– cybergrants.com


all information for this post and grant from cybergrants.com