Our Local Park and Outdoor Recreation (LPOR) Grants—and Mini Grants up to $45,000 for smaller projects costing $60,000 or less—are designed for the following types of projects (goco.org)

  1. New park development: Creating a park where one does not exist.
  2. Enhancing existing park facilities: Improving current park facilities, including installing or creating new facilities at existing parks.
  3. Park land acquisition: Acquiring land for a future park.
  4. Environmental education facilities: Building new facilities or enhancing existing ones. (Please note: GOCO does not fund programming or non-fixed assets for these facilities).
  • Closing Date– November 17, 2016
  • Eligibility– “Cities, counties, and parks and recreation districts are eligible for LPOR and mni grants. Eligible entities can sponsor projects on behalf of ineligible entities (i.e. school districts, unincorporated cities and towns, and community groups). Applicants must provide at least 25% of the total project cost in matching funds, at least 10% of which must be a cash match.” (goco.org)
  • Contact– Jake Houston 303-226-4517 jhouston@goco.org
  • More Information– goco.org

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