About IMTrails

What is IMTrails?

IMTrails takes the idea of a paper map and brings it into the modern age. Turn your map into one that is accessible by Web, mobile Web, and an Android/iPhone downloadable app. With an interactive map, users can click on points along trails and upload data, pictures, or videos regarding their spot on the trail. IMTrails uses our innovative mapping application called Mappler, which is currently being used by many state and local governments, NGO organizations, and schools.

Staying up-to-date with technology is critical when trying to reach a larger community and boost tourism. Use IMTrails on your computer to check out paths before you start to explore, then use our mobile Web and downloadable apps while out on the trail! Let our program update your current map with our latest technology that will boost community exploration and involvement on your trails. 


Benefits to digitizing your local trail:

  • Based on the concept of community participatory mapping
  • Maps are accessible by Web, mobile Web, and Android/iPhone App
  • Information can be added/edited by site administrator/community members
  • Ability to add GIS layers, such as public lands, land use, hydrology, etc.
  • Highlight interesting points along or near your trail with customizable icons
  • Real-time data sharing
  • Location based query/search
  • Upload photos with your map data
  • Conduct civic engagement events
  • Total customization
Contact Eva Gerrits, our Sales and Marketing Manager at eva.gerrits@vertices.com, with any questions regarding IMTrails or to set up a mapping consultation for your organization or company.