Mississippi River Trail Inc. conceived a pilot project to examine the benefits of web-based mapping technologies for the 3,000 mile long Mississippi River Trail (MRT) route which used IM Trails as the platform for mapping  the entire MRT route.

Three Regions

Three sites along the MRT route were selected initially, based upon their high population concentrations and geographic differences. The MRT route and other trails were mapped in these three regions, highlighting 500 miles of multi-use trails

  • —Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
  • —St. Louis, Missouri —
  • New Orleans, Louisiana

New Maps!

Recently, MRT, Inc. has added three more maps to the project. Collectively, these span the entire extent of the trail and provide users with the ability to pinpoint numerous key locations along the trail. For these three new sites, the Mississippi River Trail has been divided up into three regions:

  • Northern
  • Central
  • Southern

Check out all six interactive maps as well as our Press Release

to see the progress of this ground breaking project.

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